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Total Business Management

an IT Department experience


By monitoring your information technology we can better keep the scales from tipping.

    Server uptime

      Server performance

        Server event logs

          Server Drive Health

            Backup Logs checked daily

              Server Backups tested Monthly

                Backups Replicated to the Cloud

                  Endpoints for Malware/Viruses

                    Computer Drive Health

                      HelpDesk Activity

                        User Experience and Satisfaction

                          Technology trends and needs


                          We manage all information technology in all locations.

                          Computers inside, mobilized, and even outside vendors.

                            Asset Management

                              Licenses Management

                                Server and Workstation Management

                                  Patch Management

                                    Printer Management

                                      Network Management

                                        Disaster Recovery Plan

                                          Software updates

                                            WiFi Management

                                              Warranty Management

                                                Staff Onboarding

                                                  Vendor Liaison


                                                  Our service goals and company culture are set to provide an outstanding customer experience. 

                                                    Professional Support

                                                      VTO (Virtual Technology Officer)

                                                        Quarterly Reviews

                                                          Planning Meetings

                                                            HelpDesk Ticket System

                                                              Remote & Onsite Support


                                                              Cybercrime is an ever-changing and relentless enemy to your business. An overall focus on security is a must.

                                                              Our Cybersecurity bundle is included in the Total Business Management plan.

                                                              How does this help?

                                                                You can have all your service providers managed by CORE Tech to reduce complexity and realize a seamless technology experience

                                                                  Transition from trying to manage technology to having CORE Tech accountable for performance

                                                                    Utilize flexible As-a-Service models that deliver speed and agility

                                                                      Improve the efficiency, reliability, and security of IT operations for the business

                                                                        Depend on CORE Tech to keep you updated and informed for better decision making

                                                                          Hold CORE Tech accountable for good stewardship of your resources

                                                                            Realize an enterprise type experience at an optimal cost

                                                                              Expect increased efficiency, smoother operations, and an organized structure

                                                                                Maintain a clear focus on your business while CORE Tech focuses on the technology