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CORE Technology Solutions was founded in 2008 as a Managed IT Services company in Charlotte, North Carolina. CORE Tech has been steadily growing and the "managed services" model has certainly become more popular. As with any successful business model the number of providers grew. Over a period of time we have noticed a need for an elevated version of Managed IT Services. There is a gap between the smaller company that just needs to keep their technology running and the company that has realized technology is a CORE function of their business and are ready to take the next steps to ensure smooth operations. Instead of searching for services and solutions most businesses do not even truly understand, CORE Tech has made it easy by being the one choice. When you choose CORE Tech you are not getting just a tech, you are getting the whole IT Department along with a set of standard solutions that every business should have.

Our Purpose & Values

At CORE Tech our culture is built on serving and being good stewards. What we do makes a difference.

Our Purpose

To deliver a high measure of excellence in the services we provide.

Our Values






Although we may be introduced on a business level, we believe the Core of success is all about people and relationships. By building relationships on a foundation of trust, our communications will be open and honest. Our clients know that CORE Tech truly looks out for their best interests and we always maintain a high standard of excellence. The relationships we have with our clients are an integral part of our business success.


Information Technology (IT) is our CORE business, just as it is core to the daily operations of most every business. CORE Tech's purpose is To deliver a high measure of excellence in the services we provide.  IT is our Purpose!


We are determined to provide the best products and solutions. We have a Core set of vendors and partners that we believe are the best of breed for our clients. We are never persuaded or influenced by vendor promotions or higher margins. Excellence is a continuous improvement process that is part of our culture!


CORE Tech appreciates and recognizes our team. By providing a workplace that our employees truly love and enjoy, we believe that they will be loyal and honorable in return. As we nurture these qualities and attitudes they will naturally reflect to their families and in the deliverables and services provided to our clients. Our Success Cycle evolves around our Team, our Clients, and the Company. We are more than a company, we are a family.

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